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The Easter Bunny Delivers – S29:E2


Lana Smalls is making an Easter decoration that winds up being dick shaped. Her stepbrother, Rico Hernandez, walks in just as Lana puts the phone on speakerphone. Her friend immediately asks whether Lana still has a crush on her stepbrother. Even the question has Lana wet enough to feel herself get all slicked up beneath her sheer thong.Even as Lana has her hands on herself, Rico returns to the room wearing an Easter bunny head and a hardon. Lana quickly tells her friend that this is all her fault and then gets off the phone to get busy with her stepbro. Although Lana is a bit hesitant at first, Rico hauls her into his lap and helps her rock back and forth against his erection. When he slips his fingers into Lana for a pussy fingering, Rico finds her plenty wet and so eager to fuck.When Lana finally shifts her hips to take Rico inside, he slides in nice and easy. Cowgirl leads to reverse cowgirl, much to Lana’s delight. When Lana gets to her feet, Rico comes up behind her and shoves his dick back inside. He pulls her hair as he keeps on banging, eventually pushing Lana forward so he can do her in true doggy style. When Lana has had enough, she gets on her knees so that she can blow Rico before leading him to the couch for the finale. Rico mounts Lana and thrusts into her eagerly before finally delivering an Easter creampie

Actors: Lana Smalls

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