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Swallow Cum To Grow Taller – S1:E3


Macy Meadows has decided she wants to be taller. She decides to try hanging on the pullup bar to see if that helps. Her friend Sera Ryder is there for moral support. When Macy isn’t immediately taller after a bit of hanging, she asks Sera to pull on her. Just as Sera accidentally pulls Macy’s pants down, Macy’s stepbrother Nathan Bronson walks in on them and asks what they’re doing. He tells them that people like short girls, then takes off. Later, Macy asks Nathan if he’s seen her books. He hides them on top of the shelf so she has to jump up and down to try to get them. While Macy is bouncing up and down, Sera is watching Nathan get harder and harder. Eventually she can’t contain her horniness.Dropping to her knees, Sera tugs Nathan’s pants down to reveal that nice cock. She doesn’t waste a moment before leaning in to start sucking. Her BJ is fast and sloppy, which gets Nathan even harder as Macy watches, incredulous. Macy may think Sera is going to stop there, but she turns around and pulls her own shorts down so she can lean forward and let Nathan slam into her from behind. Sera invites her friend to join in on the fun. Macy is a bit hesitant at first since she and Nathan are stepsiblings, but watching Nathan fuck her BFF is a total turnon. Macy admits she also really likes Sera. Sera lean forward to pop Macy’s tits out of her shirt and suck her nipples for added enticement, which finally sways Macy to come with Sera and Nathan to the bedroom.Shoving Nathan onto his back on the bed, Sera climbs aboard for a stiffie ride in her trimmed twat. Macy continues to watch, but she’s growing more and more turned in by what she sees. Eventually she begins masturbating while watching Sera ride. Sera tells Nathan that Macy is going to take a turn and then silences his protests by sitting her pussy right on his face. Macy goes ahead and climbs onto her stepbrother’s fuck stick, riding hard as she makes out with Sera. Getting on her knees, Sera takes a turn in the middle where she laps at Macy’s pussy while getting pounded in doggy by Nathan. When Nathan pulls Macy forward to really give it to her, he and Sera discover that Macy is a squirter! Sera rides her friend’s tongue as Nathan keeps on making Macy squirt, keeping them both in place until Nathan pulls out and covers Macy in his pop. Licking Macy’s belly clean, Sera snowballs Nathan’s jizz with her BFF and then accepts the gift back in return as they play with the evidence of their lovemaking.

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