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Probation Or Bust – S3:E2


London Rose is a total milf who isn’t above using her charms to help herself and her son out. When her son’s probation officer, Charles Dera, her up, London admits that she’s aware of her kid’s transgressions but doesn’t know what to do anymore. She doesn’t want her son to go to jail, so she agrees to see Charles and then runs to her bedroom to get herself all dolled up. Decking herself out in some sexy lingerie, London covers it with a dress, high heels, and some makeup. She finishes up just as Charles rings the doorbell.When London catches Charles checking her out, she knows that he’ll be putty in her hands. They discuss her kid’s behavior, but Charles admits that it’s looking grim. London takes action into her own hands. Sitting on the counter so her miniskirt rides up her thighs and spreading her legs so Charles can see her lingerie, London asks if there’s anything they can do. When Charles hesitates, London reaches out and cups the D so she can feel how nice and hard he is. Sinking to her knees, she unzips Charles’s pants and ignores his protests as she takes his big hardon into her mouth. Sucking him nice and deep into her throat, London demonstrates that she really is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her son out of jail.Charles can’t take another moment without participating. Helping London to her feet, Charles gets her onto the counter so she can spread her thighs and let him have full access to feast on her creamy twat. Their oral sex is just the warmup act. After delivering another thorough pussy licking as London leans forward over the counter, Charles slams his dick into her from behind while delivering some spankings to demonstrate he’s in charge. They take things to a stool so Charles can lift both of London’s legs high into the air and dominate her landing strip snatch. London loves it so much she squirts her delight, which just leaves Charles ready to blow his load. He hangs on long enough for London to put her big tits in his line of fire. Replete, Charles agrees that he can make the problems with London’s son go away right before they agree to meet up next week for another fling.

Actors: London Rose

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