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Love Notes From My Stepsister – S24:E1


Kyler Quinn has a serious fetish about fucking her stepdad or her stepbrother. She confesses that desire to her friend Andi Rose as they’re decorating for Valentine’s. Kyler even has a plan for how she’s going to make it happen. She has two jars of love pill capsules that are just big enough to hold a folded note with something sexy inside. Andi helps Kyler write some notes out so that one jar can go into Kyler’s stepdad’s room and the other into her stepbrother’s room. The girl agree they’re going to fuck whoever comes in first. Once the jars are delivered, they return to Kyler’s room to change into something sexy and wait.Kyler’s stepbrother, Kyle Mason, is the first one to take the bait. The first capsule is “Show tits,” and Kyler delivers immediately. The second is “Touch my pussy,” which Andi does on the spot. Kyle hands the final one, “Fuck me,” to both girls. Kyler lets Kyle go at it first as Andi cradles her head on her knees. Before Kyle tap Andi’s twat, though, the girls want something in return. They get Kyle onto his back and pounce to deliver a double blowjob that demonstrates how enthusiastic they both are. As soon as the girls are done sharing the D, their threesome can get properly started.Since Kyle is already on his back, it’s easy for Kyler to help Andi climb on top of him and sink down on that fuck stick. Andi clearly enjoys her stiffie ride, but she likes it even better when she gets on her knees with Kyle banging her from behind. That position lets her feast on her BFF’s pussy, the best treat Andi can imagine. Kyler gets a stiffie ride of her very own next, complete with Andi rubbing her clit and jiggling her plump titties. The sight is so hot that Kyle can’t contain himself; he thrusts up high and tight into his stepsister’s snatch and delivers a creampie that makes all her sexiest dreams come true.

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