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Lets Fuck It Out – S7:E10


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Penelope Kay and her swap mom Mandy Waters can’t help but make eyes at each other. The girls wanting one another is a total turn on for swap husband Will Pounder. Meanwhile, Penelope and her swap brother Diego Perez don’t get along at all.The swap siblings are sitting on the couch arguing with each other over what movie they’re going to watch when Penelope’s tit accidentally pops out of her top. The swap parents know they need to do something about the swap kids, so Mandy tells Will to follow her lead. The couple returns to the couch with a blanket as they discuss how satisfied they are with their solution: having Penelope suck Will off and having Diego eat Mandy out.When the swap parents decide that the swap siblings have been chastised enough, they are allowed out for some real playtime. Mandy gets on her knees for Diego to fuck her in doggy while Penelope rides Will’s fuck stick. The swap sibs finally fuck out their sexual tension as Penelope gives Diego a reverse cowgirl ride that mirrors the one Will is receiving from Mandy. After swapping back to their original partners and delivering enthusiastic blowjobs, the girls get on the couch so they’re laying shoulder to shoulder. Will fucks Penelope until he delivers a nice fat creampie, and Diego gives Mandy the same treatment. Aat the end, the swap family is much less eager to argue with each other.

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