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Two For One On Valentines Day – S3:E7


Sitting together in the living room, Lulu Chu and Molly Little work on Valentines for Molly’s stepbrother, Oliver Flynn. The girls have been crushing on Oliver since way before he was Molly’s stepbrother. They wait for him in the kitchen and then give him hints about his Valentine’s gift. Oliver is confused, but willing when the girls tell him that his next gift will be really special.When Oliver hears the girls giggling in Molly’s bedroom, he goes in to see what’s up. He finds Molly on her stomach and Lulu on top of her, both dressed in matching red lingerie. It turns out that all those hints were that he’s about to get to double stuff his stepsis and her BFF. Oliver doesn’t hesitate to dip his dick into first Molly’s snatch and then Lulu’s as their giggles turn to moans of delight.Rolling onto their backs side by side, the girls present Oliver another double pussy pleasure. He gives it to each of them in turn, making sure to give both of them equal pleasure. When the girls instruct Oliver to get onto his back, he gets to enjoy a new level of fun as Molly rides him in reverse cowgirl and then Lulu rides him in cowgirl. Finishing Oliver off with a double BJ, the girls take their mouthfuls of cum and snowball the treat as they revel in finally getting Oliver just how they’ve always wanted him.

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