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Stepmom Cleans Me Up – S2:E9


Jay Romero can’t seem to keep his hand off his dick. Today he has masturbated and blown his load all over the kitchen counter. Without cleaning up, Jay goes to get a sandwich to eat. When his stepmom Lindsay Lee comes into the kitchen, she uses her finger to clean a bit of food from Jay’s face. Licking it clean, Lindsay notices the puddle of jizz. She drags a finger through that and licks it clean as well, then comments it’s probably even better fresh.Later, Lindsay is stepping out of the shower when she hears Jay going at it once again. Grabbing a coffee mug, Lindsay busts in on Jay’s room just in time to catch some of the cum in a coffee mug so she can enjoy it. She asks if Jay has any more in there, and in response he pulls the towel from around her to revel her tight milfy body. That’s all the encouragement Lindsay needs; she pushes Jay down and tells him he doesn’t have to jerk off anymore. She’ll take care of him.Stroking and sucking her stepson’s dick and balls is the best kind of foreplay for both of them. As soon as Lindsay climbs on top of Jay and guides him into her juicy cooch, Jay can feel how wet and ready she is. Leaning back, Lindsay goes for a boobie bouncing cowgirl ride. Then she gets on her knees so Jay can do her in doggy. When Lindsay rolls onto her back and begs Jay to do her one last time until he pulls out to give her his salty delight by blowing his load all over her belly.

Actors: Lindsay Lee

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