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My Stepsister And Her Girlfriend Swallow My Cum – S1:E4


Nikki Nutz and his stepsister Zazie hang out together quite a lot. Once Zazie begins dating Olivia Sparkle, they all chill together. Olivia has decided to sleep over, so in the lead up to that the girls hang out with Nikki to watch a movie. Nikki can’t help but notice how hot Olivia is, or that she seems interested in his come-ons. In fact, Olivia takes every opportunity she can to touch Nikki and turn him on. Later, Olivia is taking a shower when, emboldened by Olivia’s earlier comeons, Nikki walks in on her. Olivia sends him away, but she doesn’t exactly seem upset.At nighttime, Olivia curls up on the couch for propriety. Zazie joins her before long, kissing and cuddling with her girlfriend. When they hear someone else coming, Zazie hides underneath the covers. That someone else is Nikki, who has decided to try once again to take Olivia up on the signals she’s been sending all night. Zazie and Nikki get into an argument that only ends when Olivia tells them to stop and then proceeds to kiss first Zazie and then Nikki. Olivia wants both stepsiblings, and that’s exactly what she’s looking to get as Nikki goes in for a pussy licking and Zazie climbs onto the edge of the couch to plant her pussy at perfect licking height for Olivia.When Nikki goes from licking to whipping his cock out and sliding it home into Olivia’s bare twat, Zazie realizes her stepbrother is locked and loaded. She cradle’s Olivia and watches the show for a hot minute, then decides she wants some of the D, too. Getting on her hands and knees, Zazi opens up to start sucking Nikki off. She and Olivia combine forces for a double deep throat BJ. Then Zazi climbs onto her stepbro’s cock and starts riding him. She begins in cowgirl with Olivia riding Nikki’s tongue so the girls can make out, then turns around to keep on going in reverse cowgirl. Zazie’s pussy party continues as Olivia gets on her hands and knees and eats her girlfriend out while getting fucked in doggy. When Nikki is ready to blow his load, the girls get on their knees in front of him to get him the rest of the way there. Rewarded for their efforts with a big cum shot, they snowball and play with their salty surprise.

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