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Going Back Into The Future To Hit On My Mom – S1:E5


Marty has a nightmare that he’s been sent back in time, but when he wakes up, he finds that it’s reality! His stepmom, Lorainne is young, thin, and super hot. Lorainne wants to take care of more than just the bruise on Marty’s head. She’s interrupted from pouncing on Marty by her dad calling for her. Throwing him his pants, Lorainne tells Marty to get dressed and meet her downstairs.Although Marty tries to sneak out, Lorainne catches him in the act and invites him to sit down beside her on the couch. It’s not long before she has begun to take her dress off in an attempt to seduce her future stepson. Marty tries to stop it, but Lorainne isn’t about to let him keep her from the D. Popping Marty’s stiffie out, she goes to town blowing him with a deep throat BJ. Getting on her hands and knees, Lorainne invites Marty to fuck her from behind. His resistance has vanished, so he dives in and gives it to his stepmommy in doggy. Lorainne has Marty take a seat next so she can climb on top of him for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Turning around, she shoves those lovely titties into Marty’s face as she keeps on riding. When Lorainne falls onto her back and spreads herself out to entice Marty into one last fuck, he pounds away for her pleasure before pulling out to nut on her belly.

Actors: Andi Rose

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